Article 1: Presentation

Port and Douro Wines Institute (I.V.D.P.) and the >Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers / L’Association Canadienne des Sommeliers Professionels (CAPS/ACSP) are organizing a competition entitled “MASTER OF PORT - Canada”.

The competition was created originally in France in 1988. Over 1350 candidates have taken part in this competition during the 17 editions of the event.

Article 2: Organization

The qualifying test, jointly organized by CAPS/ACSP and the I.V.D.P., will be held on the same day, at the same time, on the May 14, 2018. The qualifying test will determine which two (2) candidates per chapter will be eligible to participate in the quarter-final round in Portugal.  Travel to Portugal, ground transport, meals and accommodation will be covered by the I.V.D.P.

The quarter-final round will take place on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at the IVDP offices in Porto, Portugal.

The semi-final and final will bring together the selected candidates and take place in Canada at a date to be confirmed in 2019. 

Article 3: Candidates

The MASTER OF PORT competition is exclusively for sommeliers. Candidates should be over 18 and have worked for at least two years in premises open to the public in one of the following capacities: sommelier, Maître d’hôtel, head waiter, restaurateur, wine shop owner, or wine sales. Past winners of the Master of Port are barred from taking part.

Article 4: Qualification for the Final

The six candidates with the best scores in the quarter-finals (the sum of both the written and practical/tasting tests) qualify for the semi-final. The best scoring candidates from the semi-final will proceed to the final.

Article 5: Registration

Candidates register by completing the registration form online from the “” website.  Deadline for submission is on or before May 8th, 2018.  Candidates must be sommeliers and members in good standing with CAPS/ACSP.

The registration forms must be accompanied by a resumé or CV and a copy of these regulations, duly signed and dated. These will then be checked and validated by the organizers.  An email will be sent to the candidate prior to May 9th, 2018, confirming validation and providing instructions for the on-line test.

All incomplete paperwork will be rejected.

Article 6: Selection heats

During selection for eligibility to participate in the quarter-final round, candidates will be subject to a theoretical test on knowledge on Port: History, Geography, Geology, Grape Varieties, Legislation, Production Methods, Ageing, Sales, Service, Culture, sensorial description of Port, Other related topics). The test is available on the “” website and will be answered directly on the form on-line. The quarter-final, semi-final and the final round will test both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Article 7: Corrections

Qualifying and quarter-final tests: IVDP professionals will do the correction of the tests. The qualification test results will be published simultaneously on the “Master of Port” webpage (

B)   Quarter-final:  The top 2 candidates from each chapter will be invited to take part in training and the quarter-final round in Porto and the Douro from June 10 – 14th, 2018.

C)   Final: The finalists will be invited to take part in the semi-final and final to take place in Canada in 2019, date and location to be announced. A jury made up of professionals of IVDP and CAPS/ACSP will mark the tests. The score is obtained by the sum of points given by each member of the jury. In case of a tie the selection will be made by the submission time of the exam.

Article 8: Prizes

The title of “MASTER OF PORT - Canada”, awarded to the winner includes: a exquisite decanter with the inscription “Master of Port”; a week-long trip to Portugal and visits to several partners, to take place in the week of the celebrations of the Port Wine day (September, 10) in the year following the conclusion of the competition; a selection of premium Ports. The remaining contestants are awarded a selection of premium Ports.

Article 9: Jury

The jury, for the quarter-final, semi-final and final, is made up of the Technical Commission and other selected members.

Article 10: Practical considerations

Each contestant should arrive at the time indicated by the organizers, alone and unaided. The winning contestants of the semi-final proceed to the final. After the conclusion of the final heat, the name of the winner will be announced. No other classification will be awarded. All the participants must wear sommelier attire during the entire final and the award announcement.

Article 11: Suspension or extension

The organizers reserve the right to suspend or interrupt the competition at any time, without prejudice to the competitors.

Article 12: Responsibility of the organizers

The organizers of the competition cannot be held liable for the cancelation of the competition in the case of force majeure.

Article 13: Verification

The organizers reserve the right to check the identity of the candidates and the content of their application documents.

Article 14: Usage for communication purposes

As competitors in this competition, participants and the winner

-      authorize the organizers to use, for communication purposes, their name and the photographs taken during the competition,

-      engage in Port promotional activities, at the behest of the organizers, for two days until the next edition of the competition and

-      to take part in all the activities of the final of this edition.

Article 15: Acceptance of the regulations

Participation in this competition implies full acceptance of and compliance with these regulations, available at