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Union of Cooperative Wineries of the Douro Demarcated Region

The main objective of the UNIDOURO, regardless of the techniques and means it uses, is to be active in the wine sector and to carry out or implement actions and services for cooperative wineries.

The principle goals of UNIDOURO are to:

a) Coordinate the actions of its members before public entities and credit, social security, labour relations, insurance and similar institutions, always as regards the cooperative sector and at the corresponding regional level;
b) Organize services and actions of interest to its members, thus making best use of the respective cooperative action measures;
c) Represent the common interests of its members before and outside the Courts;
d) Arbitrate in disputes between its members, according to the principles of cooperativism;
e) Promote the development of the respective branch of agriculture within the cooperative sector;
f) Engage in all other activities permitted under law with respect to the principles of cooperativism.

According to its statutes, UNIDOURO is also authorized to:

a) Serve its members as a permanent public relations and study centre, through which they may carry out joint transactions and thus benefit in purchasing all materials and products that the cooperatives require for their operations, or for each member’s vineyards, as well as in the joint sale of products from these vineyards;
b) Whenever possible, offer its members financial assistance from the group reserves;
c) Standardize and centralize the accounting of its members when so requested;
d) Create technical assistance services;
e) Organize the industrial transformation of its members’ products, whether these are to be sold on the market or not;
f) Promote and advertise its members’ products on both domestic and foreign markets.

UNIDOURO may also, upon the request of its members and without prior commitment, provide supplies and services to domestic and foreign markets.  Likewise, UNIDOURO may engage in other activities if so required to meet the needs of its members, as long as these are approved at a General Assembly.

List of Associated Cooperative Wineries:

• Adega Cooperativa de Alijó, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Armamar, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Favaios, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Freixo de Espada-à-Cinta, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Lamego, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Meda, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Mesão Frio, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Moncorvo, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Murça, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Penajoia, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Sabrosa, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Sanfins do Douro, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de São João da Pesqueira, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Trevões, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Vale da Teja, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Vale do Douro de Tabuaço, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Vila Flor, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa de Vila Real, Crl
• Adega Cooperativa Regional de Pegarinhos, Crl
• Caves Santa Marta - Vinhos Derivados, Crl 
• Cooperativa De Viticultores e Olivicultores de Freixo Numão, Crl
• Cooperativa Vitivinícola do Peso da Régua - Caves Vale do Rodo, Crl

União das Adegas Cooperativas da Região Demarcada do Douro, C.R.L.
Apartado 60
5054-909 Peso da Régua
Tel.: 254850100
Fax: 254855828
Email: unidouro@hotmail.com

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