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National Association of Shippers and Exporters of Wines and Spirits 

Founded in 1975, ANCEVE is made up of over 150 of the main economic agents in the wine sector, not only shippers and exporters, but also Cooperatives and Producers-Bottlers.

The aim of the Association is to defend the legitimate rights and interests of its members, in close cooperation with associations from other related sectors, with a view to equipping the Country with the means necessary for its technical and social-economic development, namely:

a) To propose, and participate in discussions with official departments with a view to defining the general policy for the sector
b) To propose and take part in the definition of rules governing access to the activity, commercial premises, their work and security conditions
c) To propose and take part in the definition of classification and product quality norms
d) Lay down the rules of professional conduct that do not clash with free competition, namely, by proposing and taking part in the definition of lines of sales of products and prices
e) To propose and participate in the policy of import and export of products within the sphere of the Association
f) Support members in the restructuring of their activities and the professional training of workers with a view to revitalizing and reaffirming the contribution of private industry towards national development
g) To provide its members with legal and technical assistance
h) To participate in the definition of credit policy in connection with the general development of the sector it represents
i) To participate in the normalization of the sector’s accounting, statistical and fiscal practices
j) To represent its members in national and international organizations in the interest of the sector
k) To promote the necessary studies, and to define collective solutions in matters of general interest, namely labour contracts
l) To collect and distribute information and statistics of interest to the sector.


Rua do Salgueiral, 86 - 2º sala 8
4200-476 PORTO
Telephone + 351 225573730/1/2
Fax + 351 225573739
E-mail: mpinheiro@anceve.pt

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