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The IVP, by merging with the CIRDD and incorporating the latter’s responsibilities, staff and assets, was transformed into the Port and Douro Wines Institute (IVDP), an interprofessional public institute in which the boundary between its public and private roles is assured by the way that the respective responsibilities of the Administration and the Interprofessional Council have been allocated.

The duties of the IVDP are as follows:

a) Recommend the strategic guidelines and execute the viticultural and winemaking policies for the DDR;
b) Promote the convergence of interests of production and trade in defence of the general interests of the Region;
c) Control, promote and defend the DDR’s appellations of origin and geographical indications, as well as control the remaining wines and wine products that are produced, made-up or transit through the Region, without prejudice to the prerogatives and duties of the Institute of the Vine and Wine (IVV);
d) Discipline, control and supervise the production and trade of wines produced in the DDR, promote and guarantee their quality, and sanction all infractions of the rules and regulations governing wines and wine products from that Region, without prejudice to the prerogatives and duties of the Institute of the Vine and Wine (IVV);
e) Promote and administer all aids for guiding, regulating and organising the Douro and Port wine markets, as well as those for Terras Durienses wine when, under law, expressly authorised to do so by the Ministries of Finance and of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries;
f) Encourage the adoption of the best viticultural, winemaking and technological development practices;
g) Assume all other duties and responsibilities for the DDR viticultural and winemaking sector that the Government may attribute it.

The IVDP has four internal organs: the Interprofessional Council; the Board; the Auditing Committee; and the Advisory Committee. Coordination of the sector is assumed by the Interprofessional Council and the duties and responsibilities that are directly reserved for the Government are exercised by the IVDP board and the interaction between these two bodies is assured by the Chairman of the Board who is also the Chairman of the Interprofessional Council. On the other hand, the deliberations of the latter council, within its respective duties and responsibilities, are binding on the Board, which, as an executive organ, must implement them. Execution of the deliberations of the Interprofessional Council and the Board are subject to confirmation by the Auditing Committee. If so requested by either the Interprofessional Council or the Board, the Advisory Committee may pronounce itself on all matters that those bodies deem relevant.

Regarding the composition of the internal organs, the Interprofessional Council assures that production and trade are represented in this body, in equal proportions, in strict observance of criteria that guarantee that the various interests of both these sectors are truly and fairly represented. The Board is appointed by the Government so as to guarantee the independent and objective exercise of the role of the State. The Auditory Committee mirrors the interprofessional nature of the institution, regardless of the fact that its Chairman is a Registered Chartered Accountant appointed by the Ministry of Finance. Lastly, the Advisory Committee is composed of individuals of recognised merit in fields that are of importance to the DDR and its wines.


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