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Régua head office

Régua head officeThe Headquarters of the IVDP, in Peso da Régua, are located on Rua dos Camilos, in a modern building in the heart of the city.

As a result of the additional duties and responsibilities that followed the institutional reform creating the IVDP, the offices were reorganized so as to better serve traders and producers.  The three-storied glass-fronted building has large, modern offices for the following departments:  Supervision, Administrative Control, Auditing and Quality, Register of Vines Audit and Control (including Harvest Services), Action Plan Management, and Grape Spirits Control.  The building also houses the Legal Services and Information Technology departments.

In addition to managing the DOC Douro and the Terras Durienses geographic descriptor, the above departments also enable the Régua headquarters to  carry out and decentralise some of the duties that until recently were only carried out by the Porto offices.

Port and Douro Wines Institute
Rua dos Camilos, 90
5050 Peso da Régua - Portugal
Tel: +351 254320130
Fax: +351 254320149
Email: ivdp@ivdp.pt

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