Agendamento IVDP



Port and Douro Wines Institute (IVDP)

Quality is an expression of the distinctiveness and uniqueness that is guaranteed and approved by the Port and Douro Wines Institute, created in 1933 as the Port Wine Institute. 

Binding specifications, rather than a regulatory standard of global reference, approved by the Interprofessional Committee of the IVDP, translated the will of the winemaking community in the region. Compliance with the specifications is enforced by the control and certification body – the IVDP.

It is the Institute that upholds the control of the quality and quantity of Port and Douro wines, regulating production as well as protecting and defending the Douro and Port designations of origin and the Douro geographic indication worldwide.

Global ambassador for Port and Douro wines, the IVDP is a public body, one of the government’s indirect administrative organizations, with nationwide jurisdiction. It is overseen by the Minister of Agriculture.