Agendamento IVDP

Colour & Sweetness

Port Wines


The colour of Port varies from deep red to light gold; all intermediate tones (red, golden red, gold) are possible.

There are several tones of White Port (pale, straw and golden white) that are closely linked to the methods by which they are made. White Ports that have aged many years in wood acquire a golden colour similar to that of very old tawnies.


In terms of sweetness, Port can be very sweet, sweet, semi-dry, dry or extra dry. It is the winemaker who determines just how sweet a Port Wine will be according to when he interrupts the fermentation.

The following table describes the different degrees of sweetness of several types of Port.


Volumetric mass
Sugars (g/l)
Extra dry < 0,9980 g/cm3 0,0 <40
Dry de 0,9980 g/cm3 a 1,0079 g/cm3 0,0 - 1,3 40 - 65
Semi dry de 1,0080 g/cm3 a 1,0179 g/cm3 1,4 - 2,7 65 - 90
Sweet de 1,0180 g/cm3 a 1,0339 g/cm3 2,8 - 5,0 90 - 130
Very sweet > 1,0340 g/cm3 >5,0 >130