Agendamento IVDP

Port And Douro Interactive Learning Centre


Cross the River Douro and visit the Port lodges.


Go up-river to the Douro Demarcated Region.

This is the Port and Douro Wines Institute (IVDP)’s invitation upon opening the Port and Douro Interactive Learning Centre in its emblematic 19th century premises located in Porto’s historic city centre. Using multimedia and interactive communication, the learning centre focuses on Port and Douro wines and a journey that begins in the Douro vineyards and ends in the glass.

Did you know… The Douro Demarcated Region’s 250 000 hectares are mainly made up of schist? That Port and Douro wines are present in 124 markets? There is plenty to discover in this exhibition that is a starting point for those wishing to know more about two of the best-known Portuguese wines: Port and Douro.

The visit to the IVDP begins at the Porto and Douro Interactive Learning Centre followed by a tour of the laboratories and tasting chamber, giving visitors a better understanding of wine quality control procedures. The last stop is at the Port Wine Bar for a tasting. The self-service system allows visitors to choose a range of eight Ports, from Whites to Premium Tawnies and Rubies, by using a magnetic card. The Port Wine Bar is also the venue for many events focusing on the responsible and informed consumption of Port. Activities in partnership with the industry include wine and wine tourism presentations. There is also a shop where wines from the Region can be bought.


Rua Ferreira Borges, 27  | 4050-253 Porto
T: +351 22 2071669

Opening Hours:

Temporarily closed for maintenance