Agendamento IVDP




The 360º virtual reality tour of the Porto building, at Rua Ferreira Borges, in the heart of the Historical Centre and of the area classified as a UNESCO World Heritage, offers a realistic and immersive approach to the different areas and, from each one of them, allows you to get to know the history and terroir of the oldest demarcated and regulated region in the world and of the Denominations of Origin Porto and Douro.

To make this experience even more real, we recommend the use of Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift or other Virtual Reality glasses, which are optimised for use on mobile devices and desktops. iOS, Android and Windows devices are compatible with our 360º virtual tour.

Some guidelines

Virtual Visits:

- Periodically clear the cache of the browser you used.
- Depending on the equipment you are using, the initial loading of the visit (content loading) may take between 5 to 10 seconds.
- The speed of the visit and the respective content uploads will depend on the equipment being used and the speed of the Internet connection.
- If the page fails to load, please refresh the page.



- Follow the orientation arrows placed on the ground along the route or use the
quick navigation menu present in the top right corner of the screen, to navigate through the different spaces without being restricted to a specific route.

- The icons on the left side of the screen allow the user to navigate through the different areas without being restricted to a specific route:
- Share the visit directly on your Facebook page, if you wish;
- To see the visit in full screen mode;
- Turn the sound off / on;
- Put the visit into VR (virtual reality) mode.

- To zoom in / zoom out, use the central button of your mouse, highlighting the specific part of each view that arouses your curiosity or interest.

- The map in the lower right corner of the virtual visit, indicates to the user his/her location in the building, and is updated whenever the user moves to another area.



- When opening the hotspots (points of interest and additional information) the quick navigation menu is unavailable. A new button (back arrow) will appear in the top left corner that allows the user to leave the hotspot and return to where he was before clicking on it.