Agendamento IVDP

Choose And Enjoy

Port Wines

Creating a multiplicity of harmonies

Before a meal

Toasted almonds, smoked salmon, dry plums or dates, served as an aperitif to a meal, are perfect when accompanied by a chilled White Port. Dry White Port is the key ingredient for a “Portonic”, a fantastic long drink made with Port, tonic water, ice and a slice of lemon. If you choose to serve a paté, we recommend a 10 years old Tawny. All of these Ports, including Tawny Reserve, may also be served chilled or with an ice cube when you get together with your friends in the summer.

During a meal
As we enjoy magnificent dishes, we can accompany them with a variety of types of Port. White Port continues to be an excellent choice for a light meal based on salads or grilled fatty fish such as salmon. This is also an excellent wine to drink with rich, creamy soups. If the appetizers include strong cheeses or patés or if dried fruits and walnuts are part of the dish, you should choose a chilled 10 years old Tawny. Roast meats and steak with rich sauces or well-seasoned with pepper and spices go beautifully with an LVB as it balances the intensity of the flavours.



Towards the end of a meal
The dessert is the ideal moment for savouring a Port that will harmonise in countless ways with fruits, sweets and cheeses. Cakes and chocolate mousse go extremely well with a young and fruity LBV or Vintage. The intensely rich and sweet traditional Portuguese desserts (based on egg yolks and sugar) are highlighted by the delicate flavour of a 10 or 20 years old Tawny. If you have chosen a fruit salad, caramel custard or almond tart, desserts with less intense flavours, vanilla ice cream or dried fruits, we recommend a younger wine such as a Tawny Reserve or 10 years old Tawny that has been chilled to accompany the temperature of the dessert. If on the other hand, you prefer a cheesecake or a mild, creamy cheese, you should select a Ruby Reserve or an LBV. Strong and hard cheeses are best when eaten with older Tawnies such as a 20 years old.

After the meal

Proof that Port can be drunk at all times during a meal is when you light your cigar and delight in an old Vintage. These wines are also superb when drunk on their own, after first having been carefully decanted. With your coffee, enjoy a 20 years old Tawny or older Port. On their own, 30 years old and more than 40 years old blended Ports offer you intense experiences when they are served slightly cooled in large glasses in which you can get the full benefit of their bouquet. Colheita Ports, although also very enjoyable when drunk on their own, are excellent when drunk with the desserts that we commend for Tawny Port, depending on their age.


After the bottle has been opened, its conservation will depend on the Port category and its place of storage. The suggested periods are only for guidance purposes  

Vintage 1 – 2 days
LBV 4 – 5 days
Crusted 4 – 5 days
Ruby / Ruby Reserve 8 – 10 days
Tawny / Tawny Reserve 3 – 4 weeks
Tawny with an Indication of Age: (10, 20, 30, +40 years) 1 – 4 months (Younger Tawnies should be consumed earlier)
White Port with an Indication of Age (10, 20, 30, +40 years) 1 – 4 months (Younger White Ports should be consumed earlier)
Colheita 1 – 4 months (Younger wines should be consumed earlier)
Standard White Port, depending on the style Modern (fresh and fruity)  8 - 10 days; Traditional (wood matured): 15 – 20 days


Serving temperatures

Rosé Port 4ºC
White Port 6-10ºC
Ruby style Port 12-16ºC
Tawny style Port 10-14ºC